Things That Point

Things That Point

Pay attention to things that point.

Work points.

Your work will naturally point you in the right or wrong direction. You'll know if it's right or wrong if you know where you're going. 

Culture points.

Trends are good indicators of future countercultures. If everything is zigging, pay attention. You can either be prepared for the zag when it comes or responsible for its inception if you're fast enough to market. 

People point too.

They point out your flaws... they point directly toward your insecurities. Those people are zero-sum thinkers. They're in the game for themselves and it's crystal clear. Positive sum people point toward your work, point toward your goals. They're walking beside you even if they don't fully understand the final destination. 

It's this: 

  1. You need to know where you're going.
  2. You figure that out by understanding how your work will impact culture.
  3. And you do it with the people who believe in the values driving your build. 

What am I pointing towards? 

A few things: 

  • An education landscape that embraces being comfortable with the uncomfortable 
  • A Canadian comedy culture that fosters independent business-building and thrives off partnership systems 
  • A future where comedians don't need to struggle to pay their rent or put good groceries on the dinner table
  • Take it one step further: Where mental health resources and tools are readily available to comedians to help reduce drastic outcomes like suicide or overdoses
  • A global cross-pollination of good ideas and positive impact

I see a bigger picture where comedians directly impact the way we learn and communicate as a society. This is why I'm so comfortable with failing.

If I see a future where:

  • children are protected from harm
  • healthy family units are the norm
  • divorce rates are down 
  • independent wealth creation is up
  • companies foster cultures of innovation 
  • comedians are free to maximize their potential and build within their own communities

Then I have to at least try to make it happen. 

If you want to know where I'm pointing, I'm pointing forward.  

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