Monday's Soup

Monday's Soup

I used to work in a call centre in Hamilton, Ontario where I would tell people why soup was better on a Monday. 

My reasons were simple: 

  • It's a hot food
  • Making it a slow meal 
  • Creating a contemplation point 

A natural reset.  

No matter what happened this week, you'll get your time to take it in and think about the week ahead. You'll do it slowly with hot tasty liquid in your mouth and you'll be better for it. 

I don't know if this is a real take. 

It might be something I said just to say it. 

I've had soup on all sorts days and it was great each time. The very act of soup is an act of love. The world's most devastated souls and most broken hearts have congregated over soup. 


The day itself most likely doesn't matter but ultimately there's something life-affirming about soup that I can't quite put my finger on but it's true. 

Looking back though I do see a pattern of trying to make sense out of things. 

Soup isn't better on a Monday. But I wanted it to be. I wanted to say something into the universe and just have it be. Like looking at a broom and telling it to fly. 

In nature, when you're wrong about the world, the world gets you. 

"Oh a convenient piece of food..." SNAP! Rabbit snare. 

And I didn't want the world to get me. (I still hold that opinion.) 

But there's a compulsion in creatives to follow their voice into the universe, especially when they don't understand it themselves. 

Right or wrong. I had to put it out there. I had to talk about soup on a Monday. 

That's my way of framing other creatives who are saying controversial things or create things to upset people.

They're just trying to see if soup tastes better on a Monday. 

It doesn't. But maybe it does. 



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