Creative Morning Routine

Creative Morning Routine

I had an image of life as this gigantic mountain that we're all destined to climb. As I get older, I'm starting to think life starts at the top of the mountain and it's our job to go deeper and inward. 

I'm starting from scratch. This is exciting. I'm thinking of the campfire scene from The Good Dinosaur. I worked in a group home for 8 years and I took one of the residents to see that movie.

We left the theatre howling. 

Here I am again. At the start of another life. You get so many lives in one life; best bang for your buck. 

I take this in every morning as my first morning ritual. 


  • I'm quiet in the mornings. I wake up every morning at 6:05am but I don't leave the bed until 6:15am. If I wake up aggressively earlier, I'll get up to see if I can pull it off. 
  • I have a purple book. This book is reminders to myself, goals, thoughts, and reflecting on the day before. I like leaving worries to float overnight. It fuels the morning's creative process. 
  • I make coffee. I run the sink for the cat. I smoke something with nature in it. Then shower maybe. 


  • The time and space in the morning is magic but the room can't stay quiet. I reset in silence but I work in noise. I like a podcast in my ears, usually Breaking Points or Turned Out a Punk. 
  • That's when I get in what I like to call... the Danger Zone. 
  • I like making calls, for business or pleasure, it's just nice to hear a friendly voice and talk about the present, and talk about the future. 

2) FOOD  

    • Around 9AM I'll remember that eating is a thing I'm supposed to do. I have a lot of weight to lose so it's not the worst problem in the world. That said, I'm taking steps towards a healthy relationship with food every day. I've had a lot of addictions in my lifetime and food has been the most difficult. 
    • I like to prepare lunch and dinner at the same time. Lunch is boujie: whole wheat crackers, hummus, some cheese, berries. I like to feel like a Greek goddess. Dinner's in a crockpot. 


    • 10AM: I leave the house. Whether things are busy or calm, I know I need to see people. Doesn't matter if I know them or not. I just want to hear them react to being alive. I like to see whether or not they're missing teeth. I like hearing their taste in music. I typically look around for ducks. 


      • AN HOUR LATER I return to Mount Olympus, eat crumbs and get back to it. Back to the noise. 

Craft your creative morning routine around your flow state. Listen to yourself and be proactive about your own needs. This will be a game changer. 

Thank you for all the support that's been coming my way. It's been reenforcing. 


I should also mention I face my demons. That sound dramatic but in the spirit of listening to ourselves, it's important to see the negative things that have a way of creeping in. One of those demons is the sadness of leaving a full team behind without a proper goodbye. Digital work life is evolutionary but when it disappears, it feels like a dream. I don't have any photos. I don't have any of the cool videos I made or the podcasts I hosted. And it's up to me to let this go. I accept that life isn't what happens to me but simply what happens. Very much valuing the power of our response. 

Lucky, I have new relics to hold onto. Cover photo is the very first resume ever handed to me. Thanks to Zilberg Media for joining the team!

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