Today is 90 days since Shopify fired me and I started a comedy company. 

Everything I've read, watched and listened to about building a business from the ground up has been correct so far. So I'm assuming the second part of the stories is going to be similar as well?

Let's just go with it. 

The lived-experience part of it has been less than enjoyable but at least I don't have to work hard for material anymore. Every day new jokes just swoop into my window like a carrier pigeon. 

I don't have advice. 

I always feel compelled to share advice but today I don't want to. 

I think that's a society-thing. <rewiring> 

I would like to say this. 


I'm not stopping. 

I've never been called to influence others. 

I've always felt a magnetic pull towards leadership. 

I've also spent a lot of time listening to the wrong voices in my head. 

The ones that told me to overeat or lash out at someone close to me or drink alcohol until I'm sick on the floor. 

But time and time again I'm put into situations that leave me with no choice but to lead. 

I disagree with the way Canadian comedians are treated in this country.

I disagree with access to entrepreneurial education available to artists and creators that's not linked to someone else's personal brand. 

I disagree with strong leaders being villainized as much as I disagree with weak leaders being glorified. 

I disagree with big corporations weaponizing positive intent. 

And I disagree with the direction of our anger. 

These things are greater than my circumstances. 

I may never stand on stage at The Apollo but I might be able to help 100 comedians do it instead. 

That's pretty cool. I hope there's free food back stage. 

But it's never going to happen unless I keep working. 

"Inspiration exists but it needs to find you working." 

So. See you in 90 days. 

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